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Others are investments into the real estate investing company rather than the properties. At first glance, the process for using QuickBooks to manage rental property accounting seems simple enough, but it can actually be pretty complex. Mark Calatrava is an accounting expert for Fit Small Business.


Not necessarily because it’s better for you, but because it is easier for them. Unfortunately, this method lacks a level of reporting detail that is critical for investors. The method is often more suitable for the house flipper that completes only a property or two per year. On the other hand, you might find yourself accountable to shareholders and investors depending on how you acquired capital for property acquisition.

A bookkeeper or accountant well-versed in Xero can be considered a specialty. The supply is low and often these candidates are higher-level accountants, like CPAs. As such, finding a bookkeeper or accountant with Xero will come at a premium price. There is some debate around how to track rehab costs and house flipping projects. Most methods that you will find around the web include the use of classes, projects, and products.

Commercial Real Estate and QuickBooks: The Best Ways to Get Started

On the other hand, Quickbooks Online is powered with a cloud-based system that allows users across the globe to work together on the same network, simultaneously. Finally, to assess its learning curve, look at the plan you are considering to see if it offers live support or any support at all. Next, look at customer reviews on software review sites to determine the learning curve other users report. If you have no experience, you are likely to need software with more live customer support options and a lower learning curve as expressed in user reviews. Real estate agents that need a full-feature but easy-to-use accounting software that’s accessible for their use even while showing homes or meeting with clients should consider Xero.

  • Additionally, use a different class for overhead and administrative to ensure every transaction has a class to post to.
  • For that reason, your goal should be to create an activity-based scorecard that is directly tied to your business’s profit and loss statement.
  • Your posting was very helpful to me in figuring out the process, but as you describe it, it still appears to require double-entry register bookkeeping.
  • The class will be taught by local Upstate South Carolina investor Chad Carson.

Intuit is the provider of QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. As of today, there were over 5.6 million QuickBooks users globally, according to their latest advertisements. Follow these critical steps to set up your commercial real estate company correctly in QuickBooks from the beginning.

Here’s an Accounting Tool that Works for Landlords

Second reason investors chose quickbooks is the ease of use. In comparison to many of the other accounting options you have, quickbooks has the shortest learning curve and is more intuitive for people to use. Credit the rent payment received to the correct property and the right bank account.

I have 34 years of QuickBooks experience all the way back to dos, I suggest desktop. I have many clients that are property managers and real estate companies, and we have 450 clients on desktop, only 2 on online and we are in the middle of converting them to the desktop. For landlords combines all the benefits of an accounting system with other features you need to manage rental property. For example, accounting solutions designed for real estate are complex. In the real estate business, staff turnover is a reality. You don’t have time to constantly bring new hires up to speed with a complicated accounting system full of features you don’t need.

The Benefits of Using Quickbooks for the Real Estate Industry

FreshBooks real estate investors and QuickBooks real estate investors are likely to procure almost the same results. FreshBooks can keep track of time more effectively than QuickBooks can and thus, it allows you to charge your clients based on the time spent on his/her project. FreshBooks can also help manage multiple businesses under one account. FreshBooks fosters teamwork by making it possible to invite various people to join in on a project. QuickBooks, on the other hand, does not have this function. Finally, QuickBooks, though a cloud-based software, does not support Linux.

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Ramit Sethi Says Leveraging Should Not Be a Goal for the ‘Average ….

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Whether you are using the desktop of the online version of Quickbooks, the starting point is to set up your Chart of Accounts. Here’s a quick introduction on how to use Quickbooks for your real estate business, in general. Master QuickBooks with the ultimate industry training bundle. Includes over 60 online videos and 10 industry specific digital eBooks made by professional QuickBooks accountants. Discover powerful tips designed just the real estate investing industry. Sample QB’s company file with one year of landlording transactions.

For homeowners who own multiple residential properties, managing the day-to-day operations can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. A desktop version allows you to use a computer to both log your information and do calculations. You can also run reports on the desktop version, which is not offered in the online edition of QuickBooks.

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Year-End Planning for Real Estate Owners and Operators.

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In the end, QuickBooks is an excellent tool for landlords who are looking to manage their rental properties. QuickBooks software is quick and easy to use for any real estate transaction or record management purposes. Unlike other QuickBooks solutions, this QuickBooks app does not require technical expertise or training to implement it in your organization. Simplify bookkeeping tasks by keeping track of income and expenses. Gita is an Investor, QuickBooks Solution Provider, Intuit speaker, and author of the QuickBooks Bookkeeping for Real Estate and Property Management series for DIY’ers. She also offers several accounting-oriented services including consulting, bookkeeping, cleanup, review, migration, custom programming, integration, data conversion, and support.

Each owner should have an investment and a draw account for sole proprietorships and partnerships. Pay attention to your total income after expenses are taken into account. Use this number to see where you can cut back on your expenses next month to try and increase your income.


Using QuickBooks will also help you evaluate the performance of your business month after month. Consistently tracking your finances with QuickBooks is a great way to create a predictable, sustainable real estate business. You can easily use the numbers to help you set realistic goals each year. These goals will also serve as a guide to creating quarterly milestones. You will leave with more knowledge and confidence to use Quickbooks in your real estate investing business. QuickBooks Online is also customizable to other business types, such as law firms and construction companies, making it our overall best small business accounting software.

  • At Fusion CPA, experience has shown us that the best way for realtors to get the most from QuickBooks is when it is used and installed with the assistance of a CPA.
  • Revenues are inflows of cash and economic benefits to the business entity.
  • If you have this kind of person on staff, then full steam ahead.

Zoho offers additional apps and modules that benefit real estate professionals, including payroll, time tracking, fixed-asset accounting, CRM, and project management. Even though Realtyzam scored poorly overall for real estate companies, it’s terrific software for independent real estate agents to track their commissions and related expenses. We found Realtyzam especially useful for real estate agents with no accounting experience and those who want to track expenses and commissions by listing. Rentastic offers comprehensive reporting capabilities that cater to the specific needs of real estate investors. It provides detailed property-specific reports, cash flow projections, performance analysis, and other financial insights. These reports are customizable and can be easily generated, saving investors from manual calculations and providing accurate financial information for better decision-making.

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Intuit’s customer connections fuel growth.

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This is where you will personal accountant all the transactions for each property you manage. You will need to set up tenants and vendors and also create accounts and items. When deciding whether or not QuickBooks is right for you, there are many different things one may want to think about.